Nomination Criteria and Frequently Asked Questions

The criteria for induction into the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame is not by place of birth but for individuals who make their mark in sports and recreation within the Green Mountain State, or those from Vermont who go on to high levels of achievement outside the state. High standards of character and sportsmanship for the nominees will be considered in their selection, a process that will be conducted with the utmost integrity.

To be elected to the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame, the person must be judged to have brought lasting fame and recognition to Vermont through his/her contributions in athletics or have been outstanding while residing within the state's borders. A candidate must have a clear connection with Vermont- over an extended period of time- before or during his/her period of excellence.

All candidates need to be age 40 or older before becoming eligible for nomination. Athletes must also be retired from competition (except Masters/Seniors athletes). Posthumous candidates are immediately eligible.

Sports nominating committees include baseball/softball; basketball; football; golf; ice hockey; motor racing; outdoor sports; skiing/snowboarding/winter sports; soccer; track and field/running sports; general (all other sports plus multi-sport participants), multi-disclipline (more than one sport or any athlete/coach/administrator combination) other contributors (coaches, officials, administrators, media, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions regarding nominating candidates:

May I just submit the name of a nominee without completely filling out the nomination form?

You can but the lack of documentation will not help a nominee's selection. Nomination forms that are inaccurate and lack critical information that is not commonly researched will be not considered. The VSHOF committees also will need the nominating person's name and contact information to verify accuracy of any information submitted.

Can I nominate someone if I do not know his or her current address or contact information? 

Yes but include your own contact information and please try to include contact information of someone who may know the nominee.

Can I nominate a candidate who is deceased?

Yes. Posthumous nominees will be immediately considered. Please help the committee with the name of any living relatives on the nomination form, contact information of someone who may know a living family member or associate, or an associate (teammate, relative, coach, administrator, media member) that will accept the award if the nominee is inducted.  

A potential nominee is born or spends part of his/her youth in Vermont but moves away from the state before making any significant athletic accomplishments- is he/she eligible for the VSHOF?


If a potential nominee, not from Vermont, is a standout at one of the state's colleges or one of the state's club or professional teams, are they eligible for nomination and induction?

Yes. As stated in the VSHOFs mission statement: "The criteria for induction is not by place of birth but for individuals who make their mark in sports and recreation within the state".

Note that this is limited to those who standout for a wider length of time in the state, for three or more years. For example- at four-year colleges and at competitions based in Vermont but not shorter time periods (one or two seasons with a summer team, clubs, sports camps, special events or competitions and short pro careers with teams or events within the state.

If a nominee is not inducted this year do I have to nominate him/her again?

No, but you may be asked to submit more information. Nominees will be considered for selection a minimum of three years. They may remain on the ballot longer if they continue to receive serious consideration by the selection committee.

What is the deadline to nominate at candidate for the next induction class?

The nomination form and materials must be received by the nominating committee by October 1.

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Sept. 1, 2016

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