2012 Inductee Ray Collins (Photo courtesy Boston Red Sox)
2012 Inductee Ray Collins (Photo courtesy Boston Red Sox)
Mission Statement

Launched in October 2011, The Vermont Sports Hall of Fame is a nonprofit organization to recognize those individuals whose achievements and efforts have enhanced sports, athletics and recreation in the Green Mountain State. In addition to honoring those who make a significant contribution to the state's sports legacy, the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame will promote and provide inspiration in sports and recreation to the state's youth.

The criteria for induction is not by place of birth but for individuals who make their mark in sports and recreation within the state, or those from Vermont who go on to high levels of achievement outside the state. High standards of character and sportsmanship for the nominees will be considered in their selection, a process that will be conducted with the utmost integrity.

To be elected to the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame, the person must be judged to have brought lasting fame and recognition to Vermont through his/her contributions in athletics or have been outstanding within the state's borders. A candidate must have a clear connection with Vermont before or during his/her period of excellence.

Above all, induction into the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame is for accomplishments in sports and recreation that generate a great source of pride to the state. 

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